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Axum Creative is:

We service a cross-section of African owned small to medium size companies for in-studio to pop-up photography sessions in offices across Pasadena through Los Angeles County. Our

* FOR positivity of people, communities, & cultures

* NOT for mockery, ugliness, poverty porn or objectification

* RE-presenting, RE-defining narratives of African heritage

* Socially Conscious

* Community-First

“Social & cultural equity photographer advocating via socially conscious image-making.”- L.A.

Great photographers visually reflect truth, inform or educate audiences by making images which provoke thought and promote “Life-Stylized” as well as narratives of hope, beauty and culture rather than highlight ugliness or mockery. Axum Creative is for socially-conscious individuals using community-first strategies to redefine and eliminate the negative visual landscape, represent culture and cultivate community. I am a social & cultural photographer promoting their pursuit for equity in education, entertainment and society by crafting distinct photographic images which result in positively shifting perceptions of the mis-represented.

Who We Are:

I am a social & cultural equity photographer and creative director at Axum Creative based in Pasadena California servicing Los Angeles county. Axum Creative is a socially conscious company, photographically advocating justice thru the production positive imagery of people of African heritage in media, art, education and business by highlighting and beautifully weaving, life and culture to redefine the current visual narratives.

What We do:

We provide a premium portraiture session in-studio specifically tailored to your brand’s point of view. By executing our client-image brand cross-check we ensure your photographs for promotional use, public relations-outreach, digital to print marketing campaigns and social media content showcase its story.

Our work means to share the stories of diverse creatives, entrepreneurs, educators, innovators, artists, professionals, organizations and institutions committed to making a positive impact on life experiences in society.

Axum Creative | Strengthening voice and visual representation