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Adam X stands in front of his Organic plants, self sufficiency table wearing a hat suit and bowtie

Adam X of Original Manufacturing Specializes in Self Sufficiency for the Mind Body and Home

Adam X of Original Manufacturing (OGMFG) shares his journey as a business owner specializing in organic plants, food and self sufficiency.

By LaMar Anderson | October 29, 2020 | 6:00am

Please tell us your name and also your business.

My name is Adam X, and the name of my business is OGMFG, which stands for Original Manufacturing.

What brings you to Leimert Park, and how long have you been in business?

I have been in business for myself, I would say, for a year and a half, maybe, two years. During COVID it has gotten more consistent. And I have been coming to Leimert Park consistently for two months.

What is it about Leimert Park that you find yourself doing business here?

It is the cultural, Black capital of Los Angeles from what I discovered.

What does Original Manufacturing provide or specialize in?

So my business is called Original Manufacturing because I want to build Black economic infrastructure. My primary bread and butter are actually food distribution. Think rice and beans in 25-50lb bags. People will call me, and I talk to distributors in LA, pick up, and deliver to my customers. In Leimert Park, as a more aesthetically pleasing business, I sell plants, pies, African Black soap, black seed oil, and some African goodies, stools, statues, and some literature.

What prompted you to do what you are doing? Have the specialty items of the aesthetic business always been a part of your journey and interest?

I grew up in Arkansas and worked on an organic farm. I have always wanted to get my hands dirty, working with soil and plants. When I went to Leimert Park, I realized there was an opportunity to sell plants to Black people who, at this time, do not know too much about the soil even though we used to do all the farming in this country. I really wanted to make a business selling plants to Black people at a good price and actually teaching them about how to take care of something living in their house. And then I went from plants to selling crystals and kinda elevated from there. But really enjoy selling things to my own people.

Sounds like there is a theme of organic plants, self sufficiency and nature. In terms of what you put in your mind, body, and home, correct?

Yes, sir. Self-sufficiency really is what I am selling. That is what the Black man needs to learn how to do for ‘self.

Even with COVID, what are some of the challenges or successes you are working through as a business owner?

Since I started in the park (Leimert), I did not really have too much business before COVID. It was COVID that actually inspired me to do more business. As a result of COVID, I have done more business than before as a consequence of frequency. I up-ed my game. Because I had more time to do more things for myself. Working from home for my other job for which I left because I do not need it anymore. This is what I do. Covid was an excuse to go for self, yeah.

What can we expect from you over the next few months or the beginning of the year?

Look for me working with a partner who sells food. He cooks fish. He has fish sandwiches called Akee’s Fine Food. It is connected to my marketplace Original Manufacturing. Look for us to expand. The thing about why I prefer food, I love plants, but people have to eat every day. I teamed up with a brotha’ named Eric Muhammed, he’s the chef. Look for us to go brick and mortar next year. We are looking to do a restaurant-marketplace where you can get fresh, healthy food that is hot, groceries, and plants. Be on the lookout for Akee’s Fine Food and Original Manufacturing Market.

How can we connect with you and support you?

My Instagram is @originalmanufacturing

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