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And That's That Peace by Stefanie Gilmore

Open Book: & That’s That Peace

I do believe that I am led by intuition, spirit or instinct. Choose which ever one of those words that sits right with you as a label. After reading “& That’s That Peace” I immediately started considering how much of our lives are affected by the influences of others. People, yes. Circumstances, certainly. Divine energies, mmhmm. Less than divine energies, them too. Question- how much of our life is ours-To live, to have and to hold and experience uniquely, unapologetically and unaffected by any thing? Stefanie Gilmore’s work is an open book (pun intended-don’t judge me) to consider the infinite variables of one’s life. The moment we settle down to earth we begin acting upon and in response to all influences of life. Gilmore shares her journey from childhood-motherhood-womanhood; navigating abuse to surviving people and learning from circumstances to persevere & deciding differently and determined to succeed. A sacred book of record, full of lessons and wisdom to be gleaned from its hard truths. And That’s That Peace is a memoir of self reflection and wisdom passed down to her children, me, now you and yours.

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