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Andrea Nicole of Andrea Shops For You holds eyewear frame in front of protect Black women tshirt

Andrea Nicole, singer, owner in her fourth quarter play

By LaMar Anderson | October 8, 2020 | 6:00am

Tell us about yourself and your business?

Hi, my name is Andrea Nicole of Andrea Shops For You. I have been in business for ten years – styling, personal shopping and curating, traveling and doing photoshoots, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Have you been in business in Leimert park for 10 years?

No, wow, I decided to come to LA about two years ago, and I just now permanently moved about three months ago from Richmond, Virginia.

Are you calling it home? Or is it feeling like home?

Oh yeah, absolutely. That was literally my purpose for staying. I came two days before Juneteenth. I had not planned to move until January, with COVID happening, and was like, what am I waiting on? I had already built great relationships with people like Sika (Dwimfo, Godfather of Leimert Park), ya know, and was, like, why not? It feels good so let me give it a whirl.

So what does your Andrea Shops For You specialize in?

I specialize in jewelry, accessories, and clothing, all very eccentric from different parts of the world, anywhere from Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, different parts of India. I also curate from other Black owned businesses. I love being able to buy wholesale from brands that I personally love to share with my followers and shoppers.

Is this your first love, recognized from a young age, like something you always wanted to do?

Wow, this is an extreme like, first love is music. I am really good at styling and was always good at clothing, dressing, designing, and being fashionable if you will, So this is something that supplements my income while creating music and traveling. It worked out very well for me.

By being in Leimert Park, have you found your people or family- so to say?

Absolutely, Sika would be number one. I never had a grandpa experience at all growing up, so we clicked right away. His daughter Malan has been just a gem to me, ya know, like immediate family here and several others within the Leimert Park community have looked out and really taught me a lot about this space, definitely sacred to me its history.

How are you feeling about what you are experiencing throughout life? Seeing the changes everyone has to go thru. 2020 is wrapping up. How do you feel about your journey so far?

Man, I am in the fourth quarter play right now. I am a very hopeful person, a fiery Aries. As far as my personality goes, I don’t give up hope really ever. Not much bothers me or gets me down. I have seen way worse, haha. I believe we still have an opportunity to turn this year around in a lot of ways. I am just taking it as an opportunity to grow in other areas and expand. I’m in LA now, here we are.

With music being the first love, is there anything we can expect from you this year?

For sure, my music name is Four Musick, you can find my single I have out on Youtube, but it is everywhere, Spotify, Tidal, and all those things. The song is called ‘Self Love” you can definitely expect me to sneak in an album before the year is out. I have a couple of things in the vault coming out.

What is the style or maybe genres you are situated in or drawing from?

I am a sucker for a nice ballot, but I love Black music. Your Jil’s (Scott) or your Erykah’s (Badu), if you can imagine being in a concert, I love bringing live music to my sound, there is a lot of live instrumentation happening.

Tells us where and how we can connect with and support you?

You can go to my IG, which is the hub. You can pretty much find everything there about me, from articles, releases, music, and videos.

  • Andrea Nicole of Andrea Shops For You.
  • Styling, personal shopping and curation.
  • IG: andreashopsforyou

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