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We live in an age where entertainment is instant and attention spans are very short. While we appreciate the extent to which Public Relations (PR) is about the careful selection of words, the value of photography must be equally noted. Professional quality and interesting images can be overwhelmingly successful at grabbing both an editor and the target audience’s attention.

What exactly does photography mean to the PR industry?

Providing quality images can contribute to telling a client’s story or delivering a specific message. Stories with interesting images are likely to grab a journalist’s attention and may influence the final decision to publish a client’s material.  Photos can add a layer of context and new dimension to a story, giving it wider appeal. Think of photographs as a Bergdorf Goodman or Bloomingdales shop window; the appearance of this window can either encourage or discourage interest of an individual from connecting further.

As a paced society swiping up, down, left and right, competing for attention to have one stop and linger is important. So take full advantage of the impact photography can have on an editor and a target audience. Images generally tend to take up the largest space within an article or advert, some people may avoid reading the accompanying text if this image fails to seize their focus. We are visual beings, hence the popularity of Instagram and Pintrest arguably the leaders of social media platforms. Both editors and readers alike enjoy seeing images which really bring the brand or message to life. Photographs can make stories seem far more attractive and add recall value to individuals who simply do not have the time to read the full story.

Professional quality photographs reign all most all feeds or streams.

Poor quality images can have an adverse effect and deter interested audiences. For this reason, it is essential to choose a photographer who fully understands the message that is being conveyed. Axum Creative has the ability to provide creative ideas that allows your brand to stand out from the crowd while delivering brand message.

It is important to remember that text and images are a complete package. You cannot feature a quality image without well written text and vice versa. Text and images within an article or advert can work as a collaborative partnership in which they contribute to telling a cohesive message.

Images are the Stock and Trade for Social Media Professionals.

The increased demand and use of images isn’t only for the company website or cards and brochures. Often interest in professional images stem largely from the standard business practice of representing your individual and company brand to the world via social media.

What started as college students being social online has a become professional environment standard. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are evidence businesses and their executives have to be active and create opportunity to build relationships where connections may have never existed before. Smartphone selfies are rare and difficult to find of an Executive with disheveled hair or a seat belt across his tie on LinkedIn profiles. Great care has been taken and we see a well crafted digital representation of most.

Who Better To Capture A Great Professional Image Of You?

Without a doubt it is a professional photographer.There are many factors to be aware of when creating a great portrait. It is important that you rely on someone else to work for you in making an excellent portrait of you therefore removing the stress of it all so you can be at your best during your photoshoot. Contact Axum Creative today and let set a meeting that is convenient for you discuss how we can collaborate for your success.

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