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Eyob Tadesse owner of Buna Ethiopian Restaurant

Eyob Tadesse, restaurateur, Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market

Eyob Tadesse, a restaurateur and co-owner [with wife Helena] of Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market, is an excellent example of how community, business, and art coexist under one roof.

By LaMar Anderson | January 21, 2021 | 6:00am

Please tell us your name and the name of your business.

My name is Eyob Tadesse, and my business is Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market.

How long has Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market been in business in Little Ethiopia?

[Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market] opened in 2011.

Are you originally from California?

No. I came from Ethiopia to California when I was fourteen.

What inspired you to start the restaurant or get into the business for yourself?

I lived in Fresno with my dad and family, and when we moved to Los Angeles, my uncle owned a restaurant. I used to work with him for a couple of years.

Has entrepreneurship always been in your family?


Please tell us about Buna’s specialty?

My wife [Helena] has a culinary background, and we decided to open a restaurant to give service and have a market. We cook here and also provide food so people can cook at home. We offer the same thing like you can buy the flour and the spices here. It’s like community work, you know. We are sharing our culinary experience with our community.

Can you tell us a little bit about the hanging artworks and their importance?

Yes, the art comes from African and also African American artists. The artists have a lot of experience and [create] good pieces and travel, but they don’t know how to show [case].

I talk to the artist, they bring the art here, and we can sell it for them. It’s a gallery because the art is very good and the people that come to the restaurant can see amazing art. Not only art, but some people also make their body products like lotion. I sell it for them to promote people’s small business.

What Little Ethiopia means to you?

Little Ethiopia, this community has been here for more than thirty years and is really like a window into Africa, you know. When you come here, you see the big picture over there [Africa], the small picture here [Little Ethiopia] in that way. Language, and music, the food, you know, all culture you can get it here.

How can we connect with Eyob Tadesse and support Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market?

We have a website:

Instagram @BunaEthiopian

Facebook is @BunaEthiopianMarket.

Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market

1034 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

[email protected]

T: (323) 964 – 9731 F: (323) 964 – 9749

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