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Importance of Social Justice Photography

The importance of social justice photography is evident when great photographers or otherwise visually reflect truth, inform or educate audiences. We make images which provoke thought and promote Life-Stylized™. Visual arratives of hope, beauty and culture rather ugliness or mockery are created here.  We support community-conscious businesses using socially responsible strategies to redefine the negative stereotypes. We like to represent diverse identities and unite communities. We are helping their fight for equity in education, entertainment and social justice sectors. Our talent and skill is crafting distinct images which result in positively shifting societal perceptions of the mis-represented.

Who We Are:

Social justice and equity photography and visual consultancy. Axum Creative is based in Pasadena California servicing Metro Los Angeles county. A socially conscious company. Photographically advocating justice thru the production of positive imagery for people of African heritage. Authentic perspectives in media, art and business by highlighting and beautifully weaving, life and culture.

What We Do:

We provide a premium portraiture sessions specifically tailored to your point of view. We collaborate in developing visual campaigns to compliment your advocacy efforts. Our client-image brand cross-check ensures content reflect truth, and passion in ways only we can.

Contact Us

We help clients recognize the importance of social justice photography. We service a cross-section of African owned small to medium size companies.

Contact us here or connect with me here.

Axum Creative | Strengthening voice and visual representation