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In The Spirit: Still Meditation of Noah Purifoy

In The Spirit: Still Meditation of Noah Purifoy

In The Spirit is the result of a recent trip to Joshua Tree to experience its beauty and uniqueness not only as a place but a way of being. I was able to visit and witness life unfolding, remaining free of preconceived notions. No ideas of what would be present. Having read the information on the foundations’ website about the museum, I truly was surprised. As you can imagine, if familiar, it’s an epic exhibit spanning ten acres. Upon visiting, I reflected on my place in the world physically, creatively, and spiritually. I meditated on the energy I spend and receive as someone connected to society, nature, and the cosmos at large.

Not sure that I planned to be profoundly reflective at that moment in that place. I completely recognize that it was absolutely a great place to be introspective. I spent hours experiencing the work of Noah Purifoy and being still listening, looking, and meditating on creators’ intentions, methods, and language.

Check out my still meditation of Noah Purifoy as experienced in Joshua Tree, which is available in limited edition box sets of 5″x7″ photographs containing five images. My book titled “In The Spirit: A Meditation On Creativity” is available separately as an accompanying work on the box set.

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