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KRST Unity Center LA Senseni Maat Chikara Djhuty stand in front of there vendor table in Leimert Park

Senseni Maat and Chimakara Djhuty Honor Elders of KRST Unity Center and Leimert Park Village Via Reciprocity of Their Time and Energy

Senseni Maat and Chimakara Djhuty give their time and energy to vend in Leimert Park Village as an intentional expression of reciprocity for whats been given to them from KRST Unity Center LA and received from the Leimert Park culture.

By LaMar Anderson | December 3, 2020 | 6:00am

Please tell us your names as well as your business.

My name is Senseni Maat. He is Chimakara Djhuty, and we are here [Leimert Park] raising money for our spiritual center KRST Unity Center of AfRaKan Spiritual Science on Western and 78th in Los Angeles, California.

You mentioned representing KRST Unity Center, a spiritual center. How do you describe your efforts and what you are offering today in Leimert Park?

SS: I would say it’s more-so fund-raising money for our spiritual center so they can keep their lights on and what-not. We attend the spiritual center for knowledge and wisdom, so it’s more-so reciprocity. We are coming out here, giving energy to the people for our people at the spiritual center.

How long have you both been coming out to Leimert Park on behalf of KRST Unity Center?

SS: This is our third Sunday vending, but we’ve been coming to Leimert for a while; this is like family out here. And we want to keep it consistent so that we can give those extra funds to our spiritual center.

What are you offering as vendors in the fund-raising efforts?

SS: Well, we study Kemet. What we are bringing forth is Ptahhotep. The oldest book in the world and our native language, which is Metu Neter, and incorporating that with my healing oils that I made in April when quarantine started. We are offering our best for our spiritual center.

What does Leimert Park mean to you?

SS: I just moved to LA in October, from San Diego. I am from Texas, so what I was looking for in San Diego was African people coming together with a common foundation of spirituality and just Africanism if that makes sense. I could not find that in San Diego so when I got to Leimert, I just grounded myself because I felt and saw what I needed, and Leimert offered that to me. That’s why I am here offering that back to Leimert; you know the things we need as African people.

How has Krst Unity Center LA been fairing thru the challenges of this year?

SS: Our spiritual center consists of a lot of elders, and Chimakara and I are like the youngest ones in there. They can’t really leave their houses and raise money. What we’re doing is coming out here, not trying to expose ourselves, but the elders are more at risk. We are just putting in the energy that I know they would because the elders, offer more than the young people do. Noticing their energy and intention they put into the spiritual center, and just their spiritual work has uplifted us to do the same thing, you know.

How can we connect with you both and support KRST Unity Center LA?

Visit also; you can follow me on Instagram @sensenimaat and Chimakara @roxatherwindow.

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