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Social Justice

How You Can Use Photography to Raise Awareness for Issues Important to your organization.

Many of us have the ability to use our talents to raise awareness for important and relevant issues in society for reform whether; social, economic, food, environmental or criminal justice and photography is without exception is a key tool for visually communicating thereby advocating change.

In fact, professional photographers are wonderful partners to collaborate with to craft powerful narratives which align with missions and values of your organization which then support the causes you’re passionate about, particularly because people react, respond and connect to memorable or strong imagery.

The Best Advocacy – A picture tells a thousand words!

Today we’re going to be exploring the various ways that you can use professional photography services to raise awareness for important issues, in the hopes of helping you to make even more of a difference and continues success. Let’s get started!

You might need photos of your next charity event, protest, press conference or capture staff portraits, or even photograph images to accompany the advocacy stories you share. You can pretty much be assured that your organizations will always need photos for something, so don’t be afraid to contact us, introduce yourself, and inquire of our photo services!

Perhaps images for your organizations marketing campaigns or promotional material is in need of an updated or refreshing to complement new designs etc. Snap shots are just that snap shots which ultimately do less for projecting professionalism and more disservice to your marketing collaterals (such as for flyers, posters or even images to submit to local newspapers to run stories), or even for your social media accounts to present your activites in the best light possible!

Using Photography Sales for Charity

Have you ever considered commissioning a photographer to capture your organizations activities to auctioning off or use in your annual reports? This is a great way to build a relationship, discuss and commission Axum Creative to be your organizations visual architect creating photography prints to raise money for a cause close to your heart? This is a popular and fun way to increase awareness for an important issue, so why wait? If your advocacy work already has quite the fan base, you can promote your event through social media that bidders will eagerly anticipate the chance to purchase.

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