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What’s Social Justice Photography

I am a LaMar Anderson, CEO, Photographer, Teaching Artist & Image-Branding Consultant at Axum Creative. Since its inception in 2016, I have photographed people, places and spaces at unique sites in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa.

I founded Axum Creative as a means to harness the power of images by “Photographing Something Good” to advocate for positive reflection of people and culture. What’s social justice photography? Simply put it a means of socially conscious image-making to strengthen the voice and visual representation of the under to mis-represented.

“As a photographer I’ve reflected positivity in humanity for 15 years. The strength and distinctiveness of my work is based in unapologetic narratives. A mainstay is the positive projection of people of African heritage in media. Culture, history, and community inspire and inform my work always. What began as a question to myself – whats social justice photography? Critical analysis helped expand my thinking about representation and equity. Creative evolution was the result. Working with diverse ranges of subjects, I visually communicate using architecture, landscape, lighting and people. I continue to educate others about the beauty of African cultures. All to cultivate community, produce justice, inspire the creativity within the creator willing to learn”. – LaMar Anderson

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We service a cross-section of African owned small to medium size companies for in-studio to pop-up photography sessions in offices across Pasadena through Los Angeles County. Our creative ideas and expertise help Cultural Producers, PR Firms, Social Media Management, Arts Educators, and the Social Justice and Health and Well Being advocates thrive and grow their businesses. Portraits and stories from Pasadena to Los Angeles communities of creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators of the African diaspora, all rooted in strength which bare fruit of excellence from style, business, culture and unity truly inspire me.

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Axum Creative | Strengthening voice and visual representation